Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time to work

The shows are over. It was fun to see things I made and hear some good comments about them. I have a lot of work to do to get my pots where I want them to be. I have many pictures in my head that need to come out in clay. With an unlimited amount of time I will be able to make all those pictures a reality. Who has unlimited amounts of time? Not me. So it comes back to being patient again. Patience is a lesson I have to learn and relearn every single day. This pot/casserole has been thrown and is drying a bit. I'll trim it later today and fire it in a week or so, then I'll glaze it and fire it again. It's going to be 2 weeks before I can see the finished product. Good thing I'm working on being patient. (FYI this dish is 10" wide and 2 1/2" tall.)

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Kim B said...

It is great to see the fruits of your labor. How did the show go?