Monday, January 26, 2009


I love a good swirl in a dish. I love how the glaze breaks on the edge of the swirl to show the clay underneath. I also love the color of this dish. The top pic is a little dark. The bottom picture is a better example. Can you see my kiln and windows reflected inside the bowl?


Anonymous said...

I really like your bowls!! I want to order some when Joseph gets a good job :) Thanks so much for the present to Ethan! That was very sweet of you guys.
Do you remember when you came over to my parents house to visit teach and you told me a site where you can make books of family photos? Can you tell me that site again??
Thanks a ton

Jaci said...

love love love this, I did not know that you were selling this. I need a tray made to a specific measurement to fit a cake that i make. I would love if you could make it for me????We will talk