Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bee Gone

Our beekeeping neighbor called his beekeeping friend and they rushed over
to see if they could keep some more bees.

They sprayed them with some sugar water and then cut a branch.
Some of the bees fell to the ground, stunned.

They woke up quickly and took to the sky.

A few branches were cut and the bees were put in a box/hive where they
can live in peace (and away from my garage door) and make lots of honey.

I have no idea how many bees live in a hive. I'm guessing thousands.

Now our beekeeping neighbor has two hives and we will enjoy a beautiful yard and plentiful harvest as those hard working honeybees do their pollinating job.
What an extraordinary day for us!

What does this have to do with pottery? Good question. Studio users will be able to walk to the studio door without fear of being stung as they go past the tree in the driveway. How about that?

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