Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Blue Period Continues

More blue pots. Can you believe it? I can't get enough of this glaze. I'm sure I'll feel differently after another firing or two so be patient. More colors will eventually make it on to my pots. Ruffle bowls and mugs. The bowls have been so fun for salads at the beginning of the backyard barbeque season. They have also been lovely for strawberries. The blue and red look great together.


GiaWenHau said...

I love the ruffle bowls. And the mug you gave me is my FAVORITE to drink out of in morning, I love the feel and I know it was made by a kindred spirit which makes it very special to me.


Tami said...

Your work is beautiful! Wondered if you make any soap dishes I could pair with my handcrafted soaps? Or perhaps shallow bowls that could hold an assortment of soaps?
Didn't see an email address -- so posting here.