Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Restful Spoons

Isn't that what we all need? Spoons at rest? Spoons, spatulas, ladles, all useful cooking implements for that matter, resting in a lovely piece of pottery while you're busy taking care of the business of food. Not only resting, but keeping your counters and stovetops clean in the process. And when the rest is over and the drips are all that's left at rest, throw it in the dishwasher with the cooking implements and take a rest yourself. You've earned it!

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Kelli said...

Denice! I love your pottery! You have a great talent and I love how you enjoy sharing the creative process with others. I have to tell you I love my spoon rest! I also love the new red glaze that you posted about recently. I want a chip and salsa bowl! I also love the bee story. It was great to see you and chat with you tonight.