Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunny San Diego

One of Brian's job requirements is to continue his education (yay for all who have to visit an ER). This year in addition to his reading he went to a conference in San Diego. The conference was only for one day and I went with with. My mom stayed with the girls for us - Thanks Mom! We flew out on a Thursday morning and came home Sunday night.  He was at the conference on Friday so we had lots of time to enjoy together.  The conference was at the Hyatt in Mission Bay. Super nice hotel.
 This was the view from our room. Beautiful!
A few highlights from our trip were yummy food from a few different restaurants, catching up with wonderful friends from Long Beach (I still can't figure out why I didn't take any pictures!), kayaking & watching a guy on a jet ski water board, the LDS Mormon Battalion visitor center (surprisingly fun & I totally wished our girls were there to see it!), running over a bridge and along the beach, and most importantly fun with Brian.
  Here we are on Coronado Island.

We took a harbor tour and saw tons of sea lions trying to get a tan.

It was a lovely trip and really fun to hear the girls say how much they missed me. Gretchen summed it up with "Things were fine. We went everywhere we were supposed to, it just wasn't as smooth without you." So I'm assuming they also missed me because they love me not just because their lives work better with me making it smoother for them. It's nice to be appreciated.

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