Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thank You!

There were so many great things about Saturday that I need to list some of them here.

1. Seeing you! That by far was the greatest. I was overwhelmed by my overflowing studio. As most of you know I am cold frequently and because of so many people in the studio, I had to turn the heater down.That does not happen often - unless the kiln is running. Anyway, many of you I haven't seen for awhile so it was lovely to see your happy smiling faces. The downside to seeing so many of you so quickly was I didn't have the time to actually talk and catch up. So just know I was thrilled to see you and would be just as thrilled to spend longer than 2 minutes talking to you.

2. Hearing your comments about my pottery. That was gratifying. Since I work alone in my studio I don't get much feedback about my work. I'm pretty critical about my work and yet there are some pieces I get so excited about that I want to question everyone about them. What do you like about this? Does this work? What about this curve, line, color, etc.? It's nice to hear when someone is excited as I am. So any time you are in the area and feel like offering opinions, just come visit me in my studio. I'd love to see you & hear what you have to say!

3. Samantha. I have really kept my girls out of the studio. They are welcome to play around in there but I'm not excited about being in there with them. I realize how horrible that sounds and yet that is how I feel. I love having them take ceramics at school & learn how to throw. Then they can come play at home without me trying to teach them. It just doesn't work well with me as their teacher. I'm nagging them about so much in their lives I think it just sucks the joy out of pottery to have me nagging them about that too. Sam came out to the studio just after the open house started and stayed through most of it. I did not ask for her help and she just jumped in and helped. It was lovely. She is lovely.

4. My shelves are a little emptier now. This means I need to do some more work. Talk about a way to bring a smile to my face! I've been working on a few large projects for Christmas - not pottery related and most of them are done. I believe next Monday-Wednesday I'll be in the studio again. Oh joy!

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