Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

Here it is. January 5, 2013. The first Saturday of the new year. Do you make resolutions? I do, but only in my head. I never write them down. I don't really want to be committed to changing anything. Sometimes I think I'm good with change and then reality sets in and I know I don't like change. I get a bit grouchy with it. The newness of it, the requirement for learning and growth, the constant attention to keep at it, the repeated attempts to get it right, the no instant gratification, how it makes me feel dumb that it's taking me so long to learn/relearn. All great reasons to not make or embrace any changes, right? A lot of time change is forced upon me and that rarely makes me happy for the reasons listed above. 

However, there are definitely benefits to change. I love my improved strength of character, feelings of accomplishment, better self worth/self esteem, having more room to breathe when the clutter (mental or otherwise) is gone, increased reliance on the Lord (always a good thing), the joy of over coming hard things. I'm only setting a couple mental goals this year. So far my one stated out loud goal of "going with the flow" has proven to be a good one.  Brian & I went to out dinner last night with some friends to a restaurant that was new to us.  The first steak on the menu was called Flo's Filet. The description included the words "Try it and go with the Flo". So I did and I LOVED it. So tender and yummy I ate every single bit of it. Brian and our friends also went with the Flo and they were equally happy.  Good things come to those who stick with their resolutions!

I hope any goal setters out there have great success with their new resolutions and find them to be as enjoyable (so far) as I have.  With any luck, going with the flow is going to provide me many more opportunities to enjoy all aspects of my life.

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