Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas in February

Sydney's birthday was February 1st. All she wanted was a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse high tops. I didn't want to spend a day driving around to I don't know how many different stores trying to find a pair that she wanted so we looked online at They had quite a selection. Such a selection that negotiations began for 2 pair of high tops. There were shoes with marvel comic characters on them. The superman shoes were especially appealing. And then guess what we discovered? You can custom design your shoes. Well, that is what she did. So exciting! She couldn't give up the superman shoes so she had to buy those & the shipping was about a week. It's very fun to have superman on your feet in middle school. It's even more fun to tell everyone you've ever met that you have custom designed shoes coming your way. When the tracking number shows up in your email inbox and you can check day to day where those shoes are it's even more fun. When you can tell people that your shoes started out in China, went to Japan, then to Alaska, then to Kentucky, then to Salt Lake, back to Kentucky and then to Salt Lake before being delivered to your home in Sandy it's even more fun. Then when you get to put your shoes on and show everyone how awesome they are it's the most fun of all.
I had to have this picture extra large so you could really appreciate how cool these shoes are. Also, after years of swimming Sam & Syd are taking a little break and are playing Lacrosse. I don't think I fully appreciated how nice it was to have kids smell like chlorine instead of their clothes being covered in mud.

Christmas came for me today also. My book is here! A week early! Yippee!
FYI (this is mainly for my sister Pam) there is a purple snowflake on my red tshirt that matches 
perfectly with the purple sweatshirt I am wearing.

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Pam said...

Bam! What an outfit.