Monday, February 4, 2013

So, how is your swim season going?

Yesterday was the Superbowl and I believe I watched most of it. At least, I was in the room for most of it. I can't say I actually I remember any plays or any of the action except for the part where the kicker squeezed his own bum with both of his hands before kicking the ball. Fortunately my brother Kevin was able to point that out and have it replay for us a couple of times. We watched the first half of the game at Brian's mom's house and the second half at my mom's house. I'd do that again even though I'm not that interested in football. I am interested in my family so that works out.

This past month has been all about swimming for us. Sam & Syd are finishing up their high school season. Gretchen & Julia are in the middle of their comp team season. We have spent some major time at swim meets over the past few weeks. Growing up I was not a swimmer. My parents made sure all their kids knew how to swim (yay for the 2 week summer swim lessons). I just never enjoyed getting cold which happens when you get in a swimming pool. That has never been a problem for our girls. I'm glad they take after Brian for that. They love the water! And guess what? I love to watch them in the water! They are all hard workers and beautiful swimmers. Each girls has different strengths and weaknesses in the water. That should not be a surprise to anyone. They are each so different from the other. It's amazing to me to watch them - they are unique. There are definite similarities, they are sisters after all. But they truly are 4 entirely different girls. 

The 5A state high school swim meet is this Thursday and Friday at BYU. Sam & Syd's team has 7 swimmers competing at state. Last year they had 2. Last year there were 40 kids on the high school team. This year there are 20. Their numbers dropped but their competitiveness increased. I'm excited to go watch the meet. I'm aggravated by the hassle it will be to actually get in a seat at the meet but in the spirit of my new year's resolution that's all the griping I'm going to do about it. These swimmers have worked so hard all season - I know that's the case for every sport. 
I hope they all do as well as possible and that they have a great time doing it. 

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