Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State meet for sweethearts

Quite a weekend we had! We started early a little early by including Thursday in the weekend but that was because we couldn't cram all that fun into just 2 days. The 5A state swim meet was Thursday and Friday at BYU. We began Thursday by getting braces on Gretchen's upper teeth, which of course transforms her look into one of a big kid. She is thrilled to have them!
Next, we went to the first day of the meet. Sydney swam in the 200 medley relay. She swam the butterfly. Her teammates Maddie, Olivia and Rhylee swam the other legs. They were super nervous, but did great. They came in 11th.
A little while later Sydney swam the 200 individual medley. She took 1/2 a second off of her best time - yay! She placed 11th. At the state meet the announcer tells you the name of each swimmer and who they swim for. I think the swimmers should be like gymnasts and salute the audience. Usually they just stand there and ignore everyone. Maybe it's a focus thing. I don't know but I told the girls I'd like them to acknowledge that their name has been called, mainly so I can take a picture.

 We stayed for the rest of the meet and then came back the next day for the rest of the events.  Sam & Syd both swam in the 400 free relay. Do I even need to mention how much I love having them swim in the same relay? This relay team, which includes Maddie and Rhylee, has consistently improved their time throughout the season. Towards the beginning of the season they set a new school record and then proceeded to break that record each time they swam. Pretty fun for them (and us!). Friday night was no exception.

 Sydney swam first. Samantha was third. They swam their best times.

Rhyee and Maddie swam their best too and their overall relay took off 3.55 seconds their previous time. Super excited for them! They placed 14th - one better than they were seeded. It has been a great season for Sam & Syd! We're sad to have it end.

Saturday was Jordan High's Sweethearts dance. Usually the dance is on the same day as the state meet so the swim girls ask the swim boys to the dance. Sam went with some of her swim team to the dance. They ate dinner at our house first and then came over for fondue after the dance. I loved that! It was so fun to have them here and listen to them laugh together.

Samantha is such a good example for her sisters to follow. I can't believe how fortunate Brian and I have been with our girls. They have been amazing children and they are growing into some pretty amazing teenagers!

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They are amazing.