Monday, March 4, 2013


Today is my Dad's birthday and I miss him. That's really all I need to post.
Yesterday while my family was together at my mom's house we were talking about all of the little kids running around and how different it was when my girls were little. There weren't any other little ones. My dad used to call my girls the terrorists.
"Watch out, here come the terrorists!"      "Oh no, the terrorists are here!"
It bugged me and then it didn't. Yes, I knew he was kidding - except when he wasn't. That's not to say he didn't absolutely love my girls and adore spending time with them. Sometimes he was just grouchy. Me too. Sometimes he didn't want to see the mess they would create just by walking into a room. Me either. And sometimes he would be the one egging them on. Most of the time he just wanted to give me a hard time so I knew he loved me. 
My dad also had a love affair with gadgets. He and my mom would go to the state fair specifically to see what new gadgets they could find. The fair would never disappoint them. One year they brought home an automatic potato peeler. Oh the joy! You plug it in, stick a potato on it, line up the blade, turn it on and volia! One long continuous potato skin peeled right off. The Thanksgiving potatoes that year were all peeled by the automatic peeler. Fortunately for us, we were there for the potato preparation. Most fortunate of all, I had my camera. He had my girls wishing for a potato peeler of their own.
Who knew peeling potatoes could be so much fun?

We decided last night that my dad would call the new crop of kids running around my parents house the Taliban.
And each time he said it there would be a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

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