Monday, March 18, 2013

Go all of us Go!

Life is moving at a pretty brisk pace but that's alright since for the most part, we're keeping up. Julia had her final short course swim meet this weekend, Sam & Syd participated in a lacrosse tournament, Brian volunteered at the tournament, Brian's niece got married Saturday, and we went to parts of all of it.

First up Friday morning was helping for the wedding. Sinikka (Brian's niece) decided to have cupcakes for her reception. Sinikka has made lots of fancy cupcakes over the past few years and chose a few of her favorites. I was lucky enough to get to make the strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. Super yummy!

Early Friday afternoon Sam & Syd played their first game in the lacrosse tournament. The weather was beautiful and gave me hope that summer will come again. It's fun to watch the girls enjoy a new sport. I know nothing about lacrosse. I'm finding that I'm a bit reluctant to learn anything about it. It looks like track ball with freeze tag thrown in.  Brian tells me it's a lot like hockey. The most noticeable similarity to me is how difficult it is to see the ball in lacrosse and the puck in hockey. I'm sure by the end of the season I'll be more knowledgeable about this sport and think it's as awesome as all the hype I hear.
Sam is number 20.
Syd is number 38.
We watched them play in another game Saturday afternoon after Julia's meet and Sinikka's wedding. They had 2 other games that I missed. It was really fun for them to hang out with their team for 2 days. I'm so happy the weather was nice!

Julia's swim meet was in Bountiful. She swam in 3 events Friday night and 3 event Saturday morning. She improved her time in 5 of the 6 events. Way to go Julia!
It's possible that Gretchen and Julia will swim in a morning meet in April or May but I'm not sure, it's up to them. Our next series of swim meets will start in June with the country club league. The girls love their Life Centre team. I love having all of them swim together. This will be Sam's last season with them and I'm sure there will be many tears when August gets here.

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