Saturday, April 13, 2013

13 & other big news

Gretchen is 13 today! My little baby bird is 13. She was so tiny at birth (5 lbs) and seriously looked like a bird. It was a good thing to watch her gain weight and fill out a bit. Gretchen has always had an undefinable quality about her, a kind of sparkle that just doesn't quit. She enjoys a sense style all her own. Gretchen has said she likes to walk into a room and have people think "Bam! There she is!" In honor of that desire I made her a book bag for school for her birthday. She wanted a bag for her book making supplies which I whipped up and she loved. It was made from a bright and colorful floral fabric. She wanted to use that as a school bag but I didn't make it super durable, the bag probably would have lasted 6 months, so I made her a better one. Let me just say that I have learned that I really enjoy making bags. For this one I made up my own pattern, bought some super bright fabric and had some fun. Gretchen loves it! I do too.
Thursday night Gretchen asked if we could celebrate her birthday first thing in the morning.
She wanted to open her presents and take her book bag to school.
This is the front of the bag. The black & white stripe is the top of a pocket that fits her planner and a notebook. Bam! There she is!
School went well, she loved the bag and was thrilled to continue the fun of her day with swim practice and a s'more party at night. It was a great day to be 13!

In other other news, Sydney had the eventful and long awaited day of brace removal!
Love that smile!

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