Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So big

Samantha turned 17 earlier this month. On the 2nd in fact. We have been maintaining our hectic pace & trying to jam in as much fun as possible. The night before Sam's birthday we sat down and figured out when everyone would be home (& awake) so we could have cake & celebrate for a minute. Fortunately we were able to come up with 15 minutes of togetherness.

What a smart capable beautiful girl she is! She has been more busy than usual getting ready for 3 AP tests. Her birthday got a back seat to studying. We did all go for ribs (her choice) a couple days after her birthday. And we managed to go see Ironman 3. Plus she had a bunch of friends come over the following weekend.
Now we just need to do a little shopping for a birthday present. I'm hoping to get that wrapped up (pun intended) before the end of the month. Since I've just typed this all out I'm realizing that instead of a birthday day, Sam has had a birthday month! I think she is smarter and more capable than I originally gave her credit for. Maybe I'll try the same thing for my birthday.