Friday, June 7, 2013

Goodbye school schedule - hello summer rush!

As usual things are a bit hectic around here. It's all good stuff. Just a little recap for the past couple weeks. 
Samantha - 3 AP tests, end of special needs mutual, Lacrosse banquet/awards night, jr. prom, start (sort of) a super part time summer job, summer swim team, end of jr. year, mile swim.

Sydney - 9th grade Lagoon day, boating/wakeboarding with friends, summer swim, texting, middle school awards - 4.0 all three years and top scholar for the school, mile swim.

Gretchen - choir concert & solo that knocked our socks off, long course swim meets, start of summer swim, Mountaineer of the Quarter for Mt. Jordan middle school, end of 7th grade, mile swim.

Julia - So long to elementary school, state report & fair (She did Virginia), long course swim meets, summer swim, limo ride for last day of school, mile swim.

Sydney would like me to mention that they are all turning brown. I would like to mention that they all did so awesome at the mile swim. Everyone improved times - even me.

We're excited for all that summer brings. Samantha told me last summer that we were too busy and needed to stay home more. I asked her what she would like to eliminate for this summer. She couldn't come up with anything so we will continue to cram as much in as we can. Anytime you want to come hang with us around the firepit you let me know - we're always up for a visit.

I just realized that I failed to detail what Brian & I have been up to besides his work & me running the girls around. We rode 42 miles of the Salt Lake Century. We had plans for more but since it rained the ENTIRE time & I thought I would literally freeze to death we had to cut it short. Lots of gardening & weeding. A little studio time for me :) and tons of house stuff. I also had a birthday! All is well & I'm heading off to Arkansas with my mom, Lisa, Kevin, Julie, & Megan in a couple hours!

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