Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On your mark, get set, go!

Summer is in full swing here. There is so much going on all of the time. It is awesome! Last year Samantha said that we were too busy all summer. I asked her what she wanted to give up for this coming summer so we could have more free time. She couldn't come up with anything. I'm not quite sure how she was defining free time. In fact, I don't know if I really know how to define that.

We (Sam, Syd, Gretchen & I) just returned from girl's camp. It was our ward only, not with the stake. I think the total number of leaders and girls was 23. We went to a campground by Springville next to the Hobble Creek golf course. It was a fantastic camp. Everything went well. We did lots of fun and different activities and had little to no drama. That in and of itself makes for a great girl's camp. I am constantly amazed at how much time and effort people willing put into helping others. It's such a great blessing to know that there are so many different people that are doing their best to look out for and help influence my girls' lives for good. We had a Japanese tea party one day. One of the leaders went crazy and did an incredible amount of work for a fun luncheon. I made a tea bowl for each of the girls but forgot to take pictures. It was great to have a deadline so I had to work in the studio. I find it too easy to get caught up in all the of stuff going on & I don't throw as much as I'd like.

In my last post I was getting ready to go to Arkansas & I feel I need to talk a little bit about that trip. 
Let me first get past the tears this picture brings. Not tears of sadness mind you. Tears of love, laughter & longing. What a treat it was to go on this trip! It was so great to hang out with family in a different environment. All of us travelers (Mom, Lisa, Kevin, Julie, Megan & me) were doing something new together. None of us had our usual traveling companions (spouse/kids) and we certainly have not traveled in this combination before. It worked well. Brad & Katty have a great setup in Arkansas. No wonder they aren't anxious to move back here! Fernando & Brooke's wedding was lovely - we have the pictures to prove it. Actually everyone else has the pictures, I have not gone to get the ones I want yet so no wedding photos here.
Kevin liked the couch in the hotel. He should get one just like it for his new home.
 We had fun trying new foods, seeing new places, playing new car games, and especially being entertained by the sound of screaming goats.
It has only been 2 1/2 weeks since this trip but it already feels long ago. My nephew Justin married Jerica on the 15th in Vegas. I watched that online with Brian and the girls. That was a fun way to kind of participate. Their reception was this past Saturday. Brian's family came over for a bbq Sunday. We don't spend near enough time with them so that was fun & good. I have not been great taking pictures lately. Sam & Syd are riding with the Jordan High mountain bike team. Brian & I try to go with the team since they are in need of adult volunteer and guess what? We like to ride! I've only been once but think I'll get to do more later in the summer. We did go on a family mountain bike ride the night before girl's camp. The girls did well and we'll go again!
Swim meets are in full swing. We'll be going to one tonight. The night I returned from Arkansas we had the swim team over for s'mores after the first home meet. Much to everyone's surprise we had thousands of uninvited but not unwelcome guests. A bee swarm! #5 or 6 for our yard. Pretty amazing! Our neighbor came and got them the next day. We like having those little pollinators live so close to our garden.
There is much more in store for us this summer and I say bring it on!

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Julie said...

Yay! So glad I happened upon your FB post to remember to look at your blog. Loving it. So fun to hear and see more about what your busy family does. You are amazing! You keep up with everything and keep it all together :)