Sunday, July 14, 2013

Before the 3 week slow down

Today marks the first day of what I'm calling our summer slow period. That means we will all be sleeping in our own beds for the next 26 nights. (How sick is it that I just counted that out on the calendar?) We'll still be packing as much fun into our days as possible. Brian and I went out to dinner and got some fortune cookies. We loved our fortunes:
How funny is that? Especially since we have booked a houseboat at Lake Powell in August - something we have never done as a family. Some of the fun we've had the past couple weeks included a trip to City of Rocks, Youth Conference for me, Sam & Syd, and a stay at Snowbird. 

We have gone to City of Rocks with the same family each summer for the past 8 years. Sometimes other families/people join us but mainly it's just our 2 families. It's always a good time. The girls love going & it's become our only dedicated climbing time. We do a little climbing in the valley during the summer, but not much. One of the problems with having many interests is the lack of time to spend on each of those interests. I suppose we could cut back but no one wants to give anything up - we can do it all, just not every day, right? So back to City. This year we taught all the kids how to repel. Usually they are just lowered after a climb up and the belayer is in control. Repelling puts the climber in control. I've not been encouraging repelling in the past because guess what? I (the belayer) like to have the control, not the girls. They did great and of course loved repelling. 
We made bubble wands for when it was too hot to climb.

One of my fav pics of Brian.

I love this - Sydney (blue/red) is belaying Sam (yellow/khaki) while Gretchen (tan/green) is being belayed by Brian who is sitting behind Sara (orange).
Julia (pink/black) and Sydney (blue/red) climbing.

Sam Ranck, Thomas Ranck, Sydney, Gretchen, Julia, Adam Ranck, Samantha, & Sara Ranck totally overexposed at night.
Yippee for City!

The day after we returned from this trip Sam, Syd & I left for youth conference. An unbelievable amount of time, effort and energy was spent by many, many adults giving the youth in our stake an incredibly amazing experience. Parts of the Book of Mormon were reenacted over 3 days. I was a bit leery going in to it but ended up being so happy that the girls could experience this. They started off in "Jerusalem" making oil lamps and ended up at Camp Zerahemla in Morgan, Ut.

We went for a family mountain bike ride in Park City on the 4th of July. Pretty fun!

We took off for Snowbird on the 6th and had fun with my family that Saturday. We spent the week driving back and forth for various activities in the valley. I had lots of time for reading while the girls enjoyed lounging around. Now it's time to get back to work for a little while. I'm hoping to spend some time in the studio this week. I miss it! My "to do" list is quite long - both for the house and the studio. I just need to remember that there are very few things on any of my lists that can't be put off if Brian or the girls decide we should go _____________ (fill in the blank with a fun summer activity). When I was growing up I never had any idea how much I would love being married and having a family. I do need to put in a little disclaimer that the pictures on this blog usually only show the good stuff. The girls fight, I get grouchy, Brian gets grumpy and the whining and pouting are annoying. We work through it. However, the good overwhelmingly outweighs the bad and I feel like I'm living in a dream. I am one lucky gal!

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