Saturday, July 27, 2013

I've got it all under control - ha ha

Among the many fun things we've been doing the past 2 weeks I'd say the most fun of all has been weeding. Kidding, kidding. I can't seem to be a consistent weeder in our garden/beds. We do have a bit of a separation of duties here. Brian takes care of the garden and I take care of the beds. It's hard to want to weed when it's 100 degrees out. Actually it's hard to want to weed. I do love how good I feel when I look to see what I have accomplished when I'm done. And I do have to set pretty specific goals on how much weeding I'll be doing. My yard really needs me to weed all day every day but who wants to do that. Not me. At the beginning of the summer I told my nephew that I weed 1 hour a day. That's not true. That's what I'd like to be true & what the yard needs to be true to be in tip top shape but definitely not true. This whole post is just to let you know what a slacker I am. I know I've got a lot of you fooled into thinking I get it all done all the time but I don't & I'm fine with that. I do have 4 hard workers that help out & 1 super hard worker that spends tons of time working in the yard.
About 11 days ago I took a good look at the garden & the path around the garden (which counts as a bed & my responsibility) and a flip switched in my brain. It was the RIGHT NOW switch. So I started with my tomatoes. I weeded for an hour or two & got those under control. The next day I started in on one side of the path & stopped to work on the butterfly bushes & skyrocket junipers. The next day I finished the path & moved into the main garden. My helpers showed up after swim was over, put in their required time and then I stayed & finished. The whole garden - done! That will be the only time that happens this summer. I took pictures.
 No way can you spot a weed from this view.
So excited for these tomatoes!
I love that Brian lets the sunflowers grow.
We covered our grape vines in mesh in hopes of getting to eat some grapes this year.
 Brian planted red, white and blue potatoes.
 Another month for corn.
 I've loved the raspberries for breakfast this year.

Brian does such a great job with the garden. We are enjoying the fruits of his labor right now. I fixed zucchini a different way 4 days in a row. The girls were thrilled. This week I tackled the weeds in a few of the beds and still have more beds that are waiting for me to get to them. It's nice that they are so patient with me. It's going to be a while before I give them my full attention.

Other than weeding we've been keeping busy with biking, swimming & hanging with family & friends. Sam & Syd competed in a beginner mountain bike race at Deer Valley last week. Yay for them! We've finished the last regular swim meet of the season. Conference finals are next week. I suspect there will be many tears shed as Sam's completes her last summer swim season. We took the girls for a ride around Dog Lake up Millcreek canyon. We also had my family over for a bbq on the 24th. Super fun!

Also I should mention our supreme parenting skills when Brian & I told Julia to blow her nose on a poison ivy leaf. It took 2 days for us to realize what we had done. That poor girl! A full week after it happened she looked about as bad as I've ever seen her. I'm wondering if because her skin is so sensitive anyway if the reaction is a bit stronger than normal. It's been 9 days now and she looks like she is getting better. What a trooper!

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