Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Late start

That's it. Summer is over. Just like that. It feels like summer gets shorter each year. But you know what? This year really is shorter because school started earlier. So we said who needs that? Let's start when we want. Like today instead of two days ago on Monday. All the girls are out of the house and at school right at this moment. They'll be back in an hour or two, probably complaining about what they need to do to make up for their two missed days. But that is perfectly fine with me. I really enjoyed those two days they missed. It's only fitting that Samantha would miss the first two days of her senior year. She also missed the first 5 days of her kindergarten year. That is the kind of parents we are. We can't let a little thing like school attendance get in the way of a good vacation. And what a good vacation we had!

Lake Powell. Have you been? It's heavenly. We've not been for a dozen years. We had never taken the girls. We're not really boat people so it never made sense for us to go. Brian & I love to water ski, I love the heat, and obviously our girls love the water, but we just never made it happen until now. We rented a houseboat with another family and had a spectacular trip. We love to vacation with the Brown family. On a previous vacation with the Browns one of our girls summed it up with "It's like a party every day." So we partied in Powell. They brought a speed boat, we brought 2 sailboards, we all brought a ton of food and we had some fun! One of the most delightful aspects of this trip was the lack of other boaters. I guess other families are more on top of the whole starting school on time concept. I do have to say that we didn't intentionally try to miss the first couple days of school, it's just that the school board didn't put out the calendar until after we'd booked our non-refundable houseboat. I was betting there was no way we would start before Aug. 21. I lost that bet, but I certainly won on time with my family.
 Julia flying off of the houseboat slide.
 Sam learning to windsurf.
 Brian on an early morning ski.
 Syndey demonstrating her wakeboarding skills.
 Gretchen showing us what supreme balance she has.
 Me on a perfect sunset ski.
All the kids tubing on the way back to the marina.

Now we are back to reality. Samantha is a senior. Sydney is a sophomore. They both go to Jordan High. Gretchen is in 8th grade & Julia is in 6th. They both go to Mount Jordan Middle. There is lots in store for these girls this year. I'm excited to see how they do. Hopefully I will do just as well as they do. I really run out of steam towards the end of the year. I get tired of the food aspect of it. All the dinners and snacks and breakfasts and it's every day. My goal for this school year is to be a bit more cheerful longer about the food. We'll see how that goes. Any new school year resolutions for you?

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