Friday, September 6, 2013

And so it begins

It's official. We're back on schedule. For good or bad the calendar is filling up quickly. 
Here they are on their first day of school.
 6th grade
 8th grade
 10th grade
12th grade

Can you believe how quickly they are growing up? Me neither. Sam LOVED her first day of school. Because (as she is happy to remind you) she is a senior and being a senior rocks. The other girls think school is great too. Julia is in a bit of a tough spot though. She is going to a different middle school than everyone she went to elementary school with. It's hard to be the new kid. Fortunately she still plays soccer with some of her elementary school friends. It's good for her to feel their love once or twice a week.

Short course swim season has started for Gretchen and Julia. They are happy happy to be back at CHAT & see their swim friends again. September is a great month to swim outside. High school swim has unofficially started for Samantha and Sydney. "Tryouts" aren't until October so they are just getting back into swim shape. Their team is small enough that anyone who wants to be on the team can be on it. They are glad to be back in the water too.

I think I mentioned the mountain bike team in another post. Sam & Syd are on the team and their first race is next Saturday. They have been working hard and doing well on their bikes. I'm glad they are able to meet different kids by doing different sports.

I'm not quite back to regular studio time yet. Soon, maybe next week even. It kind of depends on food. That big beautiful garden of ours is producing tons of food. Brian is a fantastic gardener. I'm learning to be a fantastic harvester. So far I've bottled all the tomato/spaghetti sauce we will use for the year. Brian has done the majority of the salsa he will do. I bottled 24 quarts of peaches. Can I just say I never in my life thought I would bottle peaches. Who does that? Apparently me. I'm debating making grape juice and bottling that. This is our first year with any grapes and they are super delicious but we will never be able to eat them all. Who knows, maybe I'll do pears too. Our fruit trees are going crazy this year. It's amazing. Do you need some apples or asian pears or bartlett pears or tomatoes or peppers?
We have plenty and would love to share!

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