Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Does that sewing machine still work?

There is just something about creating that I am compelled to do. You know I love to make things. I always have. Sometimes it feels like a sickness. I see a picture & it stays in my head to torment me. I start rearranging my day(s) so I can make whatever it is that is taking up so much brain space. I get a little distracted and annoyed if I can't find the time to try out this new thing. Usually once the new thing is made I can move on. Sometimes I love what I made enough that I have to make some more. My mom is a great seamstress. She was always busy making things too. She crocheted and cooked and sewed and raised 7 kids. Busy busy busy. She taught me to crochet and embroider. She tried helping with sewing but I would have none of that. I don't remember how many crochet flowers I made when I was young but it was a lot. I loved making them, choosing different yarns and making a bouquet. I think that phase lasted about 6 months and then I was done crocheting. Doing crosstitch was a different story. That stuck for quite awhile. I loved all those rows of x's. Once I grew up, married, moved out of state and spent tons of time pregnant and alone I came to love crocheting and sewing. When I was in the waiting room of my doctor's office I saw a couple patterns in a magazine that got me back to crocheting. They were a cow and a pig stuffed animals. Samantha's first stuffed animals were crocheted by me.
I still love them.

I started sewing when I wanted curtains for my baby's bedroom. We had a very limited budget & I had some time on my hands so I learned how to sew. I called my mom frequently with questions about patterns and instructions. Most of the time the instructions didn't make sense and I would need an explanation about why I could or could not do it the way I wanted instead of how it was written. From time to time I still call her to talk my way through something that doesn't make sense to me. I've made many halloween costumes and little girl dresses and valances. I wouldn't put my skills above intermediate. I'm a bit too impatient to actually read and learn many parts of sewing. I can sew a straight(ish) line and I love a project.

Recently a friend emailed me a picture of 2 projects she wanted to try. I thought they were cute and wanted to try them too. A little while later she gave me the 2 patterns & I instantly got stuck on when could I get those made. I was fine until I had the patterns in my hand and then I had to try them out right then! Right then turned out to be a few days later & now I can barely stand how cute they are!

These are travel jewelry pouches. Inside are little pockets for earrings, rings, etc.

The other project took a bit longer. I wouldn't call it a beginner project.
Cat, Dog & Monkey coin purses. I don't know that any money will actually be put inside these little cuties. Most likely they will be used for ds games.

Shortly after the coin purses were finished and school started I saw a blog post about cargo pant messenger bags. A couple girls needed new bags for school so I thought I'd give these a try. I ran to the D.I. and picked up 3 pair of men's cargo pants and whipped these up. I used some of my leftover material scraps for the linings. I think they turned out ok. I followed the tutorial instructions but if I make them again I would make them square instead of rectangular. They are just too long for my taste. They do fit a notebook which they wouldn't if they were square. A square one would be more purse size. Also I'd do a different strap. These straps are made out of the pant fabric but there is not enough pant fabric to make the straps as durable as I'd like. I'm not quite sure how I'd change it (I have a few ideas) but I don't think these straps are going to last very long hauling around the school stuff my girls use.

I think I'm done sewing for a little while but who knows. I need a new fall handbag and there is a wallet pattern I want to try. It's not quite what I want but I could alter it. It will take a bit of thinking so I'll get back to you on that.

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