Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're in for some fun tomorrow! The days starts off bright and early with the Utah Human Race. We are really in for a treat this year. Thanks to some extreme enthusiasm from the girls, we're racing as the Hyer Party Pants. I'm just going to let you imagine what that means. The rest of my family (Mom, sibs, etc.) that are participating will be super excited to be seen with us.

After our brisk morning run/walk we are going to boil a couple of big pots of potatoes. Not just any potatoes mind you. Home grown & cared for by Brian potatoes. For the sake of pleasant looking potatoes we are not going to include the blue potatoes in the mash. While those boil I'll be finishing up my desserts. I made 2 cheesecakes a little bit ago and they were yummy! One was pumpkin with a gingersnap & pecan crust. The other was chocolate & peanut butter. I couldn't decide which one would be best for Thanksgiving so I made both. We'll be taking some to Brian's mom on Friday so it's okay that I made two. Just as a little side note here - I debated being like other bloggers and taking pictures of my cheesecakes while I was preparing them and then taking more pictures of the finished product but I couldn't do it. That takes way too much time. Trust me, they looked lovely and tasted even better. My cheesecakes for tomorrow aren't going to look quite as lovely because I decided to cook them in 9x13 pans and cut them into small pieces to serve. We are going to have tons of pie and since cheesecake is so rich that eating one whole piece limits the rest of your eating options I wanted to be able to have enough room in my stomach for lots of choices. Maybe I'll take a picture of the whole dessert table at my mom's. Then you can see all the deliciousness.

When the potatoes are mashed and the desserts are ready off we'll go to my mom's for the big feast. Appetizers and dessert are first and a few hours later we'll have dinner. This year all my sibs (except for Brad) are at my mom's. It will be nice to hang out with them for the day. Know that when I say sibs I mean my siblings, their spouses, kids, etc. It will be a full house. That is truly what I'm most grateful for on Thanksgiving. I love having a great big crazy family. There is always something going on with them - some of it good, some of it not so good. I really do just love to be with them. I'm always hopeful that the not so good parts will be resolved well and that the good parts will be even better. You never know what tomorrow brings & I'm thankful for the blessings of family.

Sydney, Gretchen and Julia spent a little time with a woman in our ward today and made some pies. They made apple, strawberry and raspberry. Aren't we lucky and didn't they do a great job?

Also, mark your calendars. I'm going to have my annual studio open house Saturday Dec. 14 from 2:00-4:00pm. Currently I have a kiln load of pottery waiting for me to take it out of the kiln, glaze it and fire it again. I'm excited to see how this batch of lovelies turns out!

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