Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October wrap up

I didn't make my goal of 2 posts per month for October so I'll try to make up for it in November. How lame is that, my goal is 2 and I did 1? Well, I'll do my best to not let that discourage me. Only kidding, I'm not discouraged at all. My days are really starting to settle into a routine. I do love a good routine. I never have one week that works just like the other weeks because Brian's schedule throws that off. When he is home my days are a little different than when he is at work. I certainly can't just sit around all day eating bonbons when he is here. He might get the impression that I'm a bit lazy and need some more work to do. Again, only kidding. I think he's glad if I sit around all day because then he can do the same thing and not have me bugging him about it.

The last two weeks of October were spent much like the first two. Julia finished up her soccer season.

 My mom was nice enough to take Julia and Gretchen to her game and then take these cute pictures of them. That morning Brian spent at work, Sam took the ACT and I took Sydney to her mountain bike race at Soldier Hollow.
Sam was bummed to miss a race but that's how is goes. She is focused on college - testing, applying, trying to decide what she wants to do with her life. There will be one more race this month and then mountain biking will be finished for the season. My mountain biking season ended as soon as I could see my breath. I am a fair weather rider for sure.

Our halloween was a little quiet. Brian was at work, Sam went to a party, Syd went to a party, Gretchen & Julia did some treat or treating before going with me to my mom's for a short visit. We were happy to see the headless horseman riding through the neighborhood. Such a treat!

Just a few words about Sydney's outfit. I have a hard time calling it a costume since she is wearing my shirt and Brian's pants & socks. She wanted to dress in 80's clothing so we found some original 80's clothing and she wore that. My high school friends made that shirt for me before I went to college. I slept in that shirt for a long time. It's been washed a lot and the fabric paint is fading but my smile is still bright when I look at it and think about those girls.

One important thing that happened in October. I spent a few days in the studio AND I took a few pictures of me in there! That has never happened before & most likely won't happen again. Using a self timer when your hands are covered in wet clay is not really a great idea if you want your camera to stay in a good condition. So enjoy these one time only shots.

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Julie said...

Always so fun! Can't wait to see the outcome of your time spent in the studio :)