Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas card anxiety & the rest of December

Each year we send out a Christmas card and each year I agonize over our Christmas card. There is a pretty specific list I have in my head of what our Christmas card should include. Usually I'm pretty happy with how they turn out - some years I'm happier than others. This year I'm ecstatic! Back on the last sunny day in October when the leaves were still on the trees we had family portraits taken. It's been about a decade since our last formal family portrait. I make sure we have many family pictures during the year but I don't make the time to schedule a portrait session. Yay for us this year! We had a photographer come to our house and take pictures in our backyard. They turned out great! I decided that since we had a great family picture we needed a great Christmas card - no pressure, right? I worked up 3 different cards and had Brian and the girls vote on which one we'd order. We decided on the card that made me the most anxious because of it's size. I had a hard time sleeping at night while waiting for the box to come in the mail. Anyway I'm pleased with the end result and will now start worrying about next year's card (kidding, I won't start worrying until Thanksgiving).


We've had some fun activities during the rest of December. Once the open house was over I felt much more relaxed and ready to enjoy the month.
Brian loves to grow blue potatoes and the girls love to eat them. They are such a pretty lilac color when baked and mashed. It's a nice colorful addition to any meal.

 I adore freshly fallen snow. So sparkly and beautiful.
My brother-in-law's mother invites our entire family to enjoy their family's Christmas bowling night in Morgan each year. It's super nice of her to do and fun for us to go to.

The Hansen family Christmas party is an event I look forward to each year. I love my family!

 We ran up to Snowbird for a few runs Christmas Eve. The first 15 minutes off the tram was the worst skiing experience I have ever had. In the middle of a supremely windy white out with tons of hard bits of snow stinging and pelting our faces Julia asked, "Why are we doing this?" Had we known it was like that of course we would not have been doing that. Once we got below the ridgeline the wind died down, the pelting snow stopped and the sun came out for a gorgeous rest of the day. We were happy to meet up with our friends for a couple runs and fun.

Brian had to work on Christmas so we spent Christmas Eve with some of his family. Yay!

 Christmas morning before Brian left for work. Happy girls, happy parents.
December is not quite over and luckily for us, there is more fun to be had!

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