Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is Brian's big day! It's the start of the birthday season for our family. 
It's nice that Brian gets to start it off and I get to finish it. (Update: I don't know what I was thinking! Julia starts off our birthdays on January 8! I can't believe I completely spaced that - she turned 12, which was a big deal for her, is now in young women's with her sisters and even had a countdown to her birthday because she was so excited about it! Maybe I shouldn't talk on the phone and try to do a blog post at the same time.)
I thought you might enjoy some pictures of him, I know I do!

Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Family Pictures

Happy New Year! I know it's the 13th and I'm almost 2 full weeks late in saying that but I still wish you a happy new year. Do you know what project I'm working on right now? Yep, that's right. The 2013 Yearbook. Pretty exciting for me. Also a little (actually a lot) intimidating because I take tons of pictures and there is no way I can put all those pictures into one book. I just checked and I have 2686 items to sort through for the yearbook. Those items include scans of report cards, fun school projects, awards, christmas cards we received, etc. Anyway it occurs to me that I did not share our family photography session on this blog or on facebook so I am starting 2014 with 15 extraordinary pictures from Carrie Owens Photography. Let me know which one is your favorite - good luck choosing!