Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Today would be my Dad's 76th birthday. As a way for me to celebrate him I thought I would share a memory/story that always makes me smile. He LOVED to tease and give me a hard time. Well, not just me, he pretty much gave everyone a hard time. It was done in fun. One of his favorite things to do was give nicknames to the boyfriends/girlfriends of the girls/boys in our family. Brian's nickname was "what's his name". Very rarely during the few months we dated did my dad refer to him as Brian. Shortly after Brian and I got engaged I sat down to dinner with my dad, mom & some of my siblings (I can't remember which ones, sorry). I think my mom and I started talking about the wedding announcements and what they should say. My dad had a few suggestions that he was happy to share. He would say one thing, chuckle, say something else, laugh some more, and then add some more to it. As soon as dinner was over and he had left the room I wrote down all of his suggestions. When the announcements were made I had a special one made up just for him.

When I had all of the printed announcements I put this one on top so it looked like a whole stack of freshly printed cards sitting on the kitchen table. As soon as my dad got home from work I told him how excited I was that they were here, and done, and didn't they look great?! He grabbed the first one off the top and started to read. Soon he was kind of sputtering and saying what? what? Then he grabbed another one of the stack and by then my mom & I were laughing. After he read the real one he laughed too and told me I had done good (which was high praise coming from him). The next day he took the joke invitation to work and tricked his secretary with it. I think he tricked a few more people too and then brought it home.

Here's the real one:

I also thought you'd like to see some pictures from 1998.

These pages out of my scrapbook make me smile too. That first page I made really big so you could see him in the ocean. It reminds me of when he took my family to the Great Salt Lake when we were little. He thought floating in the salt water was super cool. I also love Sydney's grumpy little face in the top picture. He truly loved Hawaii (who can blame him) and took great pleasure in grandkids pulling on his beard and grabbing his glasses.

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