Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving along in March

The first 2 weeks of March are almost a blur of activity. March 5-8, Gretchen and Julia swam at the short course age group state championships. We were so excited to have Julia qualify for 4 individual events and to swim in 3 relays. Gretchen swam in 6 individual events and 3 relays also. These meets are a lesson in endurance for all parties involved. Gretchen raced a total of 4350 yards. She is one tough girl. That does not include any of the warm up or cool down swimming. Julia didn't swim quite that much but she is a tough cookie too. The meet lasted 3 1/2 days of prelims and finals and was held about 30 minutes from our house so we did a lot of driving back and forth. The girls did a lot of napping between sessions. By the time it was all over they were exhausted but they did well and were happy.

Samantha and Sydney had a lacrosse tournament all day March 14 and 15. Sam played in 6 games and Syd played in 7 (Olympus needed an extra player so Syd played for them). They were a little tired when they were done too. They have improved a bit from last year and look like they know what is going on. I have not improved at all and still have no clue why they are playing freeze tag with sticks. 

We've managed to squeeze in a few ski days also. It is so fabulous to have the canyon so close. Hopefully we'll get in a few more days before it heats up too much.

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