Friday, April 4, 2014

Craft Hour

Have I mentioned that I like/need to make things? Kidding, I know I have. I've made a few things I'd like to show you! I started making bags a few years ago and I can't stop. There is just something so satisfying to me about a bag I have made. I've pretty much stopped looking at bags in the stores because I start to think about how I would make it, what I would change and when I would use it or store it because I really don't need another bag. I've done well in using my bags up and only making a new one when the old one looks terrible. At least I've done well with MY personal bags. I have made a few more bags that are now in the possession of others.

This red/pink and floral is my new camera bag. I made the bottom wider so my camera would fit. Now my camera has a safe home when I'm out and I also have somewhere to put my wallet and phone and whatever else I need. I'm a little more excited about these bags because I kind of designed them too. I mixed a couple patterns I've used before, changed the measurements to what I thought would work and tried it out.

This loud print with stripes is the bag I'm using right now. I really love the fabric and the pockets. Again, I tried some different measurements and I think I nailed it. At least for now. I'm sure in a few months I'll need to try something else.

Front has a flat striped pocket and a floral stretchy pocket.
Back has a large stretchy pocket.

Before I finished up here I need to talk about my wallet that has worn out and needed to be replaced too. I've looked at a bunch of wallet patterns and haven't been super excited about any of them. I did try one and that is now Sydney's wallet because it wasn't exactly what I wanted. The gal that I bought my original bag pattern from came out with a wallet pattern recently. I love her bag pattern so much. She did a fantastic job with her instructions and made sewing in zippers easier than I thought possible. Here is her website if you are interested in trying out any of her patterns or tutorials.  

Ruffled coin pocket

Front pocket - can be made with a clear plastic so your id shows through

5 inside pockets - 4 credit card size and 1 deep pocket for folded cash

Sydney has now decided that the wallet she is currently using is not sufficient. Could I make her one of these please?

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