Saturday, May 17, 2014

0 to 18 in 2 seconds

Here it is, May 16 and I've been a slacker with this blog. However, I have not been a slacker in other parts of my life. There is much going on and much to be done in the next few months. You know how we are always running at full speed in the summer? Well, we've kind of cranked it up a notch this summer. But before we can get to summer we need to get everything ready for summer. That is what has been happening the last 3 weeks with me. I found that I was having difficulty sleeping with about a billion things running through my head all night. You know how it is. I really have no idea how anyone can just turn their heads off and stop thinking when there is a lot going on or a lot to do. Some people have that gift. I do not. Anyway, one early morning, when I couldn't force my eyes to stay closed one second longer even though I was tired, I jumped out of bed and made a list of things that I couldn't stop thinking about. It was a long list. Most things on that list were not things I could do in one day. A fair number of things were items/events that I didn't want to face (ie Sam leaving for college). I have slowly and steadily been checking things off that list. It's a very happy thing for me. I even rewrote my list because I was getting too distracted by all the crossed off items.

So, one of the big things on my list was Sam's birthday. She's 18 now. Wow, much wow on that.  She didn't exactly have the day she imagined but she was a great sport to celebrate with us and be happy about it. We are going to be having a fabulous fiesta for her graduation so it just didn't make sense to have 2 big parties 4 weeks apart. It really does feel like this has happened way too fast. I'm so happy she is such a lovely woman - inside and out.

Sam turned 18 on May 2!
Last lacrosse game together for these sistas.
Honoring the seniors - Brian had to work so I got to be the sole parent on the field with Sam.

The s'more season has begun. A few little cuties came over to enjoy some goodies and a beautiful day in the sun.

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