Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wait just one minute (originally dated August 15)

What do you mean it's almost time for Sam to head off for college? I thought we had all summer before that happened! You can't really be telling me that summer is almost over and our time with Sam at home is almost done! That sounds crazy, but sadly for us, it's true. I do have to say I am so excited for her and the adventures she is going to have. She gets to explore a whole side of the country that is not within easy reach of us here in Utah. She will be able to do what she wants, when she wants; she will be in charge. I know I love to be in charge of my life and I'm fairly certain she will love to be in charge of hers. It's going to be a little scary for a bit but she'll figure it out and do well.

The end of summer brings a few other things with it. Swim conference for one, produce for another. Both quite time consuming but one lasts a couple days while the other lasts for a month or two. Swim conference was last week. Sydney, Gretchen and Julia qualified to swim in 3 individual events each and 2 relays each. The meet is a prelim and finals meet so the swimmers compete in the morning in hopes of qualifying for the finals that night. The top 8 swimmers are in the finals heat, the next 8 are in the consolation heat. No points are scored for the team during prelims, only during finals. The girls all swam fast enough to be in the finals heat in each of their events. It was pretty exciting to see them drop time and do well. There are relays during the finals events and the girls each got to swim in both of the relays for their age groups. Relays really help make the team more fun. It gets very loud during the relays. The whole conference was fun, long and tiring. Overall the team came in second place. They did a fabulous job swimming hard and cheering for each other.

We managed to get another family bike ride in also. Corner Canyon in Draper has such fantastic trails. It's so nice to have those trails so close. We took the girls on a ride that Brian and I had done earlier this summer. I was happy to be able to do it again.

We also ran up to Snowbird and enjoyed their activites for a few hours.

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