Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Settling In

This school year is flying by all ready. The girls are happy with their classes & activities, Brian has some new shifts at work that seem to be working well, and I'm almost in a routine again. That always makes me happy. The garden has been producing more than we can eat or store. If you need any produce give me a call. Brian needs to make some salsa next week and then we'll have more tomatoes than you can shake a stick at. So seriously, if you want tomatoes we're happy to share.
Edamame is a yummy after school snack, especially if you have more than a sinkful of it.

Sydney & Gretchen joined the cross country team and they have been enjoying that. The first meet I went too was just another lesson in chaos. Julia & I wandered around trying to figure out where exactly the kids were running. Apparently they run all over. Gretchen seems to have more of a runner's body than Sydney. Poor Syd has had knee & ankle problems.
 I'm ready for more swimming & less pounding.

Julia is back with CHAT, her age group team. She is happy to be swimming with then again. Swimming in the afternoon in an outside pool during September is just bliss. It's such a fantastic time to swim.

We've been staying at Snowbird for the past week. It's quite peaceful. We've spent a fair amount of time driving up and down the canyon but other than that it's been great. Brian & I have gotten in some good hikes & Sydney is feeling much more comfortable driving in the canyon.

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