Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's up with September

I'm getting a bit anxious to get back in the studio. I ordered some supplies, I have 200 lbs of clay on my shelves and I've got a long list of pots to make. It is quite possible that I'll actually throw a few items this week. We'll see how it goes. If the rain keeps up it's going to be hard for me to get my yardwork done. I do like the soft ground for weeding but it's harder to keep dirt in my beds if I pull out a bucketful of mud with each weed. Harvest is winding down. So far we've frozen bags of peas, beans, and edamame; bottled peaches, pears, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. All that's left is the grapes. They are starting to turn but I think it'll be another week before it's time to make grape juice. In the meantime if I can't get the yardwork done that means there will be time to be in the studio. As much as I love summer I do look forward to rainy days in the fall because it means I'm more productive with the clay. 

This past week was awesome for the girls. Gretchen ran in cross country meet on Friday and took 1st for the JV girls. That was super exciting for her. It was fun to watch her. She is a good competitor. I like how friendly she is with the all athletes around her, whether she knows them or not. 
And off they go...

Coming in for a strong finish.
Julia is doing middle school intramural cross country. She had a meet this past week also. She did well and will get to run in the final meet in October. 

Sydney's big event of the week was homecoming. I should probably mention that she is done with cross country because she has a stress fracture in her fibula. She has been sporting a nice looking air cast for the last 10 days and it will be an integral part of her wardrobe until Nov. 1. She was able to go to the dance without it but was actually happy to put it back on the next day.

I'm in love with her dress. I keep telling her I'm going to steal it and wear it to church.

I have no photos to put in here of Samantha. I'm just not that technically savvy. She needs to text or email me a picture because I can't get any of her pics off of instagram. She is doing well, loves school, loves her new friends, and especially loves being on her own. She misses us mind you, but loves being in charge of her life.

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