Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Highlights

Two more days and we say goodbye to October. I'm feeling good about how this month has gone. I haven't accomplished everything I wanted to, but I did make some good progress on a few things. 

Sydney and I went to a concert at the Depot a couple of weeks ago that made me wish I had actually listened to the music before we went. I haven't been to a concert in awhile and it was fun to see her have a great time.

Gretchen had a choir concert last week and Julia had a band concert this week. Gretchen loves to sing and Julia is enjoying learning percussion. No pictures of those events but that doesn't mean they didn't happen.

I've been able to throw a few more pots. I've had one particular shape that has been giving me trouble. I think I'm letting them dry slow enough and then I check again and there is a great big crack in the bottom. Bummer! Maybe next week I'll have more success there.

The biggest event of the month was a trip to Cancun for Brian and me. We went with another couple and had an awesome time. I think my favorite thing was going to a park type place where we were able to snorkel and float on tubes through a river in a mangrove jungle. Kind of creepy, but so so cool. We visited the ruins of Chichin Itza which were pretty impressive. We also spent some time enjoying the beach, water toys, and especially the 83 degree weather. 

Now as amazing as Cancun was I do have to say I'm so super excited about updating my blog it almost over shadows going on a fabulous vacation. There have been some changes I've wanted to make for over 2 years and I have not been able to figure it out. I finally asked my brother for some help and he was able to quickly fix my main problem and then I fixed the rest. I can't even express what a relief it is to have that taken care of. I still have some more work to do but that is just fine. The main change is I have a tab you can click on that shows what pottery is available for purchase. You don't have to hunt through my posts and try to figure out what's what. It's right there. Genius, isn't it? For you computer savvy folks it's not that big of an accomplishment, but for me it's huge! I don't have photos of all my pots, there are more to come, but I sure feel happy to have some listed!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Running Through October

It is always entertaining to me that as soon as I sit down to write a blog post I have to look at the calendar to see what we've done and what is coming up. Should it be worrisome that I can't remember those things? Or is just a sign that I'm organized so I don't have to remember everything? I'm going with option number two. 

The weather cooperated with me and I spent a couple days in the studio. So nice.  I believe that will be happening this week too. 

All of these pots have been trimmed, some have handles attached & holes drilled. They are now dry and waiting to go into the kiln. 

Julia has been learning a song on the piano that she loves to play. She plays this song many times a day. I absolutely love it. She sounds so happy playing. I hope she finds songs to love and plays throughout her entire life.

Gretchen ran in the region cross country meet. She came in 4th overall for the JV girls and 4th for her team. She dropped 17 seconds from when she ran this same course at the beginning of September. I'm very happy for her. Her team did well and she had a great time. Now she is moving on to swim.

Julia had her district middle school intramural cross country meet yesterday. She too did well and is now done with running. She was just over 90 seconds faster than the race a few weeks ago. She is super happy to be finished. I don't know if she'll do this again next year. She surprised me this year by participating so maybe she'll surprise me again.

And last but not least, I made grape juice the past few days. The juice is such a beautiful color! I think I'll leave a few bottles on the counter just so I can look at them and admire the color.