Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Starting 2015 with some Pura Vida

What a year 2014 was! I suspect I'll be saying the same thing for 2015. We said goodbye 2014 and hello 2015 in a big way. 2 weeks in Costa Rica. Pretty amazing. We saw beautiful scenery, unusual plants and animals, kind people, crazy drivers, and enough sisterly love to make me cry.

 Julia couldn't get enough of the soft sand so she kept rolling in and out of the waves.
Have I mentioned before how much we love the water?

We stayed with a host family for a few days and got a taste of regular/not touristy life in Costa Rica. Our host peeled fresh oranges for us to suck all the juice out of. Best fresh OJ ever!

We ate at some fun restaurants. These swings were a hit with the girls.

One of my favorite activities was our morning of surfing lessons. Everyone got up and caught a few waves. The instructors were fun and very encouraging.

Joyful days.

Maybe if these little guys were around all the time and stealing my things I might get annoyed but it was so surreal to have monkeys running through the trees right next to me.

We rented surf boards and tried surfing without being on the big beginner float boards. Quite a difference. Maybe I'm more of a stand up paddle boarder instead of a surfer.

Pura Vida!