Sunday, May 31, 2015


I checked my blog tonight and found out that my last post was over one month ago. I thought it had been 2 weeks. So. May was a great month!

The best part of the month was Samantha coming home. Yay for us! Brian flew out to Virginia and drove back with her. They had a fabulous trip. They took 5 days, visited many sites, and enjoyed their drive.

Sydney and Gretchen finished up lacrosse for the year. They played well on the JV team and then joined up with the varsity team for the last 3-4 games. (JV coach in pic with them)

Julia loved doing percussion with the beginning band this year. She is super excited to be in the symphonic band next year. She would also like to learn to play all the instruments. That may be overachieving just a bit, but we'll see what happens. She has already borrowed a saxophone to play with this summer.

I had a birthday and tried out a new cake recipe. Pretty yummy!

The long course swim season has begun. After 2 very cold, wet, miserable meets the sun came out for this past weekend's meet. Sydney, Gretchen and Julia swam Friday night and Saturday morning. It was fun to watch them, but it was even more fun to be warm. Sydney got chilled Saturday morning after the swim warm up and had a hard time getting warm after she got out of the water. After running around on deck for a while I sat down in the red chair behind the blue coat and reached forward to get something out of our bag and was startled to notice Sydney's feet by the bag. I had no idea she was under the coat in that chair. She had bundled up and took a nap trying to get warm. I started to laugh when I realized that it wasn't just a pile of clothes. I told another swim mom about it and it took her a few seconds to realize there was a person under the coat too. So funny!

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Emily said...

What a fun drive home from Virginia! And I love that Julia is enjoying band so much. I bet she's great!