Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Watch Me

Next week. That's when Sam leaves. Just a few more things to do before she goes. Mainly we're trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can. On Father's Day we drove up to City of Rocks for a quick overnight climbing trip. We brought along 2 fun boys we love and everyone had a blast.

 Here is Brian repelling after he set up a couple climbs for us. I'm glad he is the one that carries all of the heavy gear.

 You can just see Gretchen's leg as she is climbing. Brian is belaying her. Samantha is belaying Julia who is tied in and almost ready to climb.

 These kids that I so love spent a fair amount of time I guess you would call it dancing. Here is  "Watch me whip...."

 "watch me nae nae."
The talent is pretty amazing.

We will be heading back for a little more climbing in August but Samantha will not be with us. She will be in Mexico!

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