Friday, July 17, 2015

Empty Nesters

Samantha is off on her great adventure. We're excited to follow along and look forward to our weekly updates.

Sydney, Gretchen, and Julia went to YW camp this week. They left early Tuesday morning and returned this afternoon. They had a fantastic time.

Meanwhile, Brian and I had a little preview of what our lives might be like in about 5 years. Brian had to work Tuesday but he was off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I took a little break from meal prep and we enjoyed a few restaurants. We also got in some nice play time.

We drove out to the Herriman resevoir and paddled around for a while. The weather was beautiful and the resevoir was a great place for beginners. No motors on this tiny bit of water. Lots of people on the shore, but not too many out in the water. 

Thursday we spent a few hours mountain biking in Park City. We rode a few trails and covered a lot of distance. Again, we had beautiful weather and the scenery was stunning. We rode hard and were plenty tired and hungry by the time we were done. We actually went out to dinner before the early bird/senior citizen crowd got to the restaurant. If you can believe it, there was no wait, we were seated immediately.  

The girls made it home from camp and our nest is no longer empty. I think 5 years is going to go by a little too quickly. Good thing I enjoy Brian's company so much!