Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The "B" Bowls

My three most used bowls are my "B" bowls - breakfast, batter, and berry.

I've gone on and on about my breakfast bowls before. I still feel the same about them. I love them. I'm upset when there is not one in the cupboard waiting for me because the girls have used them all. I have to rethink my breakfast, which causes me grief, until I remember I can actually take one out of the dirty dishwasher and hand wash it so I can use it. The drama! I can't take it!
The breakfast bowl
The batter bowl waits patiently for me in my cupboard. It is rarely used by the girls so it's generally clean when I want it. I'm not sure that's the best thing for my girls since they need to figure out the whole baking thing before they grow up and leave me. However, because I enjoy baking (except when I HAVE to every day) I'm pleased that this bowl is there. I do need to state that I enjoy baking more when I'm using dishes that I love.

The batter bowl
Here it is, full of dry ingredients for corn bread. I love the handle except it needs to be a bit bigger. The batter bowls I've worked on this year have a bigger handle for a better grip when pouring batter out of the bowl. Brownie and muffin mixes fit very nicely in these.

The berry bowl sits on my countertop and rejoices in the produce of summer and fall. Brian grows a lot of berries and I do my best to eat all of them. I try to share with my family but it's hard. I'll run out to the garden before I eat breakfast & fill up my berry bowl with whatever is ripe. Once inside I'll rinse off the berries and transfer as many as will fit into my breakfast bowl. Since I'm picking berries frequently there aren't many days that I'm able to leave any berries in the berry bowl for someone else to eat. If someone happens to be around when I'm ready for breakfast they usually luck out and get a few. I would feel bad about this but everyone has access to the garden and can go pick berries whenever they want. I can't help it if they don't want to do that - it's the little red hen in me coming out. Just for the record. On the day I took this picture of all those yummy raspberries in the the berry bowl, I shared with my family. The berry bowl is bigger than my breakfast bowl and they couldn't all fit.

The berry bowl


Emily said...

You are seriously amazing! I need to hire you to make pieces for my food photography. :)

Denice said...

Thanks Emily!