Sunday, May 29, 2016

Time Keeps on Ticking...

Sydney graduates in 4 days. I know, you are wondering if you read that correctly and you did! 4 days. She is ready to be done. I am not. Too bad for me.

While she is getting ready to graduate, the rest of us are enjoying the activities and events that make up the end of the school year. May is a crazy month. I think it's crazier than December.

Lacrosse season ended. It really ended a few weeks earlier for Gretchen because she got a stress fracture and has spent the month of May in a boot. Sydney loved her final season. Gretchen is looking forward to playing again next year.

Prom was so fun for these two. They both thought their dates were great and their groups were fabulous. An excellent way to end for Sydney and an excellent way to begin for Gretchen.

This picture makes me laugh a bit because as a reward for super hard work in our yard - they bought, loaded, unloaded and spread 47 bags of mulch, plus a couple other projects one Saturday - they all wanted a little cactus, please, please, please. Had I known $5 houseplants would bring me such happy cheerful yardworkers I would probably have houseplants coming out my ears.

We went for an awesome mountain bike ride on my birthday. The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, the time together was the perfect gift.

I like to make my own birthday cakes and this year I tried a recipe from Paula Deen for a coconut lime cake. So so yummy. I will be making that one again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Yikes - it's May!

May the 4th be with you.
Welcome to a new month already. I've done many mental updates over the past 5 weeks. Yay for me that I'm actually sharing one. 

The month started off with a quick fun trip to St. George for spring break. A few mountain bike rides, dinners with friends, climbing, playing in the sand and enjoying the warmth were packed in to a couple days.

April 12 was Gretchen's 16th birthday! It was an action packed day that started with her family celebration at 6:20am so Brian could get to work & actually see her that day. Cream puffs were the requested treat (no cake please). They made a yummy breakfast.

After school was a lacrosse game. Well played and fun to watch!

 I played around with some covered jars and a different technique. 

The girls and I had our last ski day April 7. Lots of fun.

And then I had another last day with Brian 3 weeks later because there was so much fresh new snow! 

Gretchen had been complaining about leg pain for a week or two and I finally got her in to see a doctor - stress fracture & 4 weeks in a boot. Farewell lacrosse season & hello to a healthy and painfree summer.

And finally, here we are in May. 
Sam turned 20 2 days ago and we get to skype with her in 3 days. Awesome.