Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rocks and water

For the past 11 years we have gone camping/climbing with our friends at City of Rocks. Each trip something happens that really makes this one different from previous trips. The winning event this year was hail! Followed by 4 hours of rain. Brian and 3 of the kids wanted to repel down from our last climb of the morning. Sydney and Gretchen made it down with a bit of rain but Adam & Brian got the very unique opportunity to repel down during a hailstorm. It was crazy! I wish these pictures captured what really happened. Definitely something we will talk about for years to come.

Brian holding the only lizard of the trip - there must be a shortage of lizards this year.
 July 4th was a parade party for us. We do not go to many parades but this year Gretchen, Julia and I went to two parades. Brian joined us for the 2nd parade.

Another big event for July was the state long course swim championships. 4 long days of prelims and finals. It was great watching these girls race. Sydney and Gretchen were able to swim on 2 relays together so that was a treat. I thought I wouldn't see that again after the high school state championship. I'm glad Syd decided to swim again this summer.

Life is in full swing around here. I did just spend a day completely by myself while Brian worked, Sydney was backpacking and Gretchen & Julia were at AFY in Idaho. I have to include a bit from a post I read by Jen Hatmaker because she describes so well the way I am feeling:
"Do you ever worry just a tiny bit that you are living in your very best days?? The ones you'll describe as the greatest ones of them all in 30 years? I feel like that a bit right now. Our own parents are healthy and vibrant, we have fun and good big kids in the nest, work we love, and just a full happy loud life. These feel like golden years. Pretty sure I'm going to miss them. In over words, I am prematurely grieving my current life which is surely a wonderful and smart use of my energy, no?"

I am doing my very best to enjoy every minute I have with this family of mine.

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